TOL Advances Community & Neighbourhood Plans

June has seen two plans moved forward by the Township of Langley municipal council:

  • The Brookswood-Fernridge Official Community Plan (OCP) was given 1st and 2nd reading by council on June 12 and a special public hearing was held on June 27, 2017.
  • The Smith Neighbourhood Plan, in Willoughby, was adopted by council on June 26, 2017.


Land use map from proposed Brookswood-Fernridge Official Community Plan.

The Brookswood-Fernridge OCP was granted 1st and 2nd reading on June 12, despite some councillors wanting to refer it back for additional community engagement. The plan has already been through a rigorous consulting process including 9 public workshops. A special public hearing was hosted on June 27, for which the turnout from the community was so great that the attending community members and stakeholders were forced to watch the proceedings from the Council Chambers foyer, planning department foyer and additional meeting rooms which were all equipped with live video feeds of the Council Chambers. An introductory presentation outlined, among other things, that the decision by council to give the draft OCP update 3rd Reading will be made at a future council meeting.

This OCP update for Brookswood-Fernridge has been approached with extra caution due to the push back received regarding the attempted OCP update in 2013. The current plan was adopted in 1987.

If/When the OCP is adopted, neighbourhood plans will need to be developed and adopted for each of the newly defined neighbourhoods prior to future property rezoning or development. The draft OCP outlines 4 new sub-neighbourhoods for Brookswood-Fernridge: Booth, Fernridge, Rinn and Glennwood.

For more in-depth information on this plan click here.


Land use map from adopted Smith neighbourhood plan

The Smith neighbourhood plan was granted 3rd reading at a June 12 council meeting and was officially adopted in the Willoughby Official Community Plan two weeks later at a June 26 council meeting.

The plan has only seen minor changes in the last 6 months. A recap of the most recent changes can be found in our December 2016 blog post here. The only change since that post was the removal of the icon for the secondary school site on 208 Street. It may still be some time before development kicks off in Smith as the elementary school and detention ponds remain unsecured and are

It may still be some time before development kicks off in Smith as the elementary school and detention ponds remain unsecured and are prerequisite for development. The adopted Smith neighbourhood plan can be viewed here.


As always, if there is any additional information we can provide don’t hesitate to reach out.

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