Go-Ahead Given to Willowbrook’s Community Plan Update

The Township of Langley (TOL) Council has approved an update process for the 1991 Willowbrook Community Plan’s scope and process.
In this post, we will provide a summary of the plan’s history and future, plus what this development means for homeowners and business owners.

Willowbrook plan area map courtesy of the Township of Langley.
Willowbrook plan area map courtesy of the Township of Langley.

What Happened

  • The current Willowbrook area plan was adopted in 1991. The plan’s original goal was to facilitate the development of Willowbrook as part of the Langley regional town centre
  • The Township of Langley Council ratified the scope and process of the community planning update on November 22, 2021; the update will be the most recent amendment to By-law 1991 No. 3008, otherwise known as the Willowbrook Community Plan
  • The update was spurred by the need for a guide for Willowbrook’s transformation from a car-oriented community into a transit-oriented community supported by the Surrey Langley SkyTrain (SLS) extension
  • The SLS extension is a priority project of the Provincial government. The 16-kilometre extension from Surrey City Centre to Langley City Centre is viewed as a key component of B.C.’s post-2020 economic recovery
  • The update covers the subject areas of the original community plan, which lies  immediately north of the City of Langley and east of the District of Surrey, the plan area covers approximately 1,520 acres of land
  • The area includes the Willowbrook Mall and adjacent commercial development, the Mufford Industrial area, the Langley Meadows subdivision, and multi-family development along 64th Avenue
  • The TOL Council endorsed the Terms of Reference on June 13, 2022, moving the plan forward to the recruitment process for the members of the WCPT (Willowbrook Community Planning Team)
  • The recruitment process is now underway, the TOL council is set to select WCPT members on July 25, 2022
  • The WCPT will consist of 11 members and will be composed of local residents, business owners, and development industry representatives. Members will provide critical input and important contributions to the planning process
  • The five-phase planning process of the update is currently in Phase 1 (Plan Initiation & Background Research). Phases 2 to 5 are scheduled to start from winter 2023 until Spring 2024
  • Specific goals and objectives for the Community Plan update are laid out, these are detailed in the next section of this article


What This Means for Home and Business Owners

Property owners and those in the market for Willowbrook real estate should be aware of the goals and objectives of the Willowbrook Community Plan Update, which are:

  • Creating a sustainable transit-oriented community that is more pedestrian and cycle-friendly, and can significantly influence travel patterns through more walking, cycling, and transit trips
  • Defining a future built form and landscape character, place-making elements, and sustainable community design that serves local needs and creates an attractive destination
  • Identifying community amenities to support future land use and development vision along with policy recommendations for securing community amenity contributions through a land value capture system
  • Ensuring comprehensive public engagement that effectively communicates and involves property owners, local community stakeholders, external agencies, and the broader public in the planning process
  • Building a financial plan for the provision and maintenance of infrastructure services

What’s Next

As stated on the Township’s website, the estimated time of completion for the plan update is Spring 2024. The next phases of the planning process, and their respective estimated dates of start, are as follows:

  • Phase 2: Vision & Design Options – Winter 2023;
  • Phase 3: Preferred Land Use Plan & Strategic Policy Directions – Spring & Summer 2023;
  • Phase 4: Draft Community Plan – Fall 2023 & Winter 2024; and
  • Phase 5: Plan Adoption by Council – Spring 2024.

In line with the goals and objectives of the Planning Update to hear from as many people as possible, residents, landowners, and other interested parties are encouraged to participate via survey to help:

  • Identify opportunities that may be created by the SLS extension
  • Provide input on what a transit-oriented Willowbrook should be like in the future

Stay in The Know About the willowbrook plan

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More information on the Willowbrook Community Planning Update can be found on the Township of Langley website.

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