South Surrey 2017 Development Forecast

Hot spots maintain South Surrey as the Fraser Valley’s hottest residential market.

2016 was an extraordinary year for residential development land in South Surrey. The hot zones identified in our State of the Market Report this time last year saw over twice as much land sell than over the same period last year, keeping South Surrey firmly in the number 1 position as the hottest residential market in the Fraser Valley.

By mapping all current development applications in South Surrey we are able to visually identify the areas with the highest concentration of future development. The green highlighted regions on the map below indicate areas containing a high concentration of in-process development applications.

In last year’s edition, we highlighted a concentration of land transactions in Orchard Grove and the northern portion of Sunnyside Heights. That sales activity spread throughout the rest of Sunnyside Heights with accelerating prices. There were more than twice as many land transactions in this area in 2016 than in 2015.

As development follows closely behind the land transactions, the concentration of recent residential development land sales, shown by the red and yellow areas, indicates that future development will continue to be focused in Sunnyside Heights/Orchard Grove. To read up on the current state of these key South Surrey development neighbourhoods, and others, click here.

For more information about South Surrey’s development trends, development applications or recent sales, please contact us.

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