TOL Modifies Land Use in Draft Smith Plan

There are a number of noteworthy updates to the Smith plan.

There was a smaller turnout than usual for the Township of Langley’s (TOL) open house on November 30th as they presented the Draft Smith Neighbourhood Plan.

There are a number of noteworthy updates to the plan, since the last preferred land use plan was presented in April of this year. The updates are as follows, and shown on the land use map below:

  1. A density increase for the Single Family Residential designation from 4 UPA to 6 UPA in the areas generally accepted as the future elementary and secondary school sites in the northwest and northeast of the neighbourhood
  2. The addition of a 3rd detention pond at 208 Street and the 212 Street Connector
  3. A density decrease on 29367 206A from Medium to High Density Apartments to Low to Medium Density Apartments
  4. The addition of commercial designations on both the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection at 208 Street and 72 Avenue
  5. The addition of an official Town Centre at 208 Street and 73A Avenue
  6. A modification of the commercial designation at the new Town Centre to now be Mixed-Use (60 UPA)
  7. A slight reduction in the density of the neighbouring mixed-use directly to the west.

What do these changes mean?

The feedback obtained from public open houses is driving positive change. When reviewing each of the above changes, I recalled conversations I had with land-owners and planners at past open houses, it’s obvious just how many of the plan updates are a solution/response to a specific concern. The Township and their consultants are listening.

A mostly positive result for land owners and their property value as many of the modifications to land use designation will make the affected parcels more desirable to developers and investors.

A longer timeline to development. It’s possible that the addition of a 3rd detention pond will lengthen the timeline to development for that drainage catchment of Smith as detention ponds must be secured by the Township of Langley prior to new development.

As always, if there is any additional information we can provide don’t hesitate to reach out.


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