Township of Langley CACs See Massive Increases

On November 14th, 2022 Township of Langley Council directed Township Staff to prepare an update to the Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) policy and at the December 12th regular council meeting the new policy was adopted.

Unfamiliar with Community Amenity Contributions (CACs)? Click here to learn what CACs are.

The Township of Langley’s New CAC policy

The new policy will come into effect as of January 1, 2023, which will see CAC targets for the Township of Langley increase up to 85% with a second increase in May 2023.

Key changes, as outlined by the Township, include:

  • Updated list of Community Amenities
  • Improved regional parity and competitiveness
  • Established a new Climate Action Fund
  • Introduced a flat rate density bonus CAC
  • Introduced amenity contributions for Commercial, Agriculture, Industrial, Mixed Employment and Rural uses

The new CAC targets for residential development can be found below with the percentage increase over the previous period highlighted.

CACs per Dwelling Unit

Timing and Phasing of CACSingle Family*IncreaseTownhouse/
IncreaseLow Rise Apartment`IncreaseMid-High Rise Apartment"Increase
Prior to Jan 1 '23$6,808 $5,776 $4,539 $3,507
Jan 1 to Apr 30 '23$11,854 74%$10,088 75%$7,770 71%$6,504 85%
After May 1 '23$16,900 43%$14,400 43%$11,000 42%$9,500 46%

Note: The base CACs apply to all units including those within the base density and those above the planned density.

Table Legend:

  • * New Single Family – per lot
  • ^ Townhouse / Rowhouse / Duplex or other ground-oriented dwelling unit
  • ‘ Low Rise Apartment (6 storeys or less)
  • ” Mid-High Rise Apartment (7 storeys or more)

CACs and Density Bonus

For residential development that exceeds planned densities from the Official Community Plan, the below CACs are applicable. The introduction of a flat rate density bonus has simplified these targets from the previous policy so a direct comparison is not applicable.

Residential Type
Single Family$25,000 per unit
Townhouse$20,000 per unit
Apartments (12 storeys or less)
$20 per ft²
Apartments (13 storeys or more)
$25 per ft²

The Township of Langley estimates that approximately $20 million per year could be generated by CACs, based on current building permit estimates. Of course, this is subject to housing market conditions.

More information and details regarding the new policy can be found on the Township of Langley website (click here). With such a short timeline for staff to prepare the updated policy, it begs the question of whether proper due diligence was considered. Will these changes impact a development or transaction you are involved in? Let us know at [email protected].

What are CACs?

Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) are voluntary financial contributions by a developer or other development applicant paid to a municipality at the time of rezoning a property.

CACs go towards local amenities such as conference centres, recreation facilities, or affordable housing, and are intended to offset the cost to the municipality of providing amenities for the new residents associated with increased development densities.

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