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Ande Kuric

Creative Director,Frontline Real Estate Services

Ande Kuric is the Creative Director at Frontline Real Estate Services. She works closely with Frontline’s management team, agents, and Marketing Director Trevor Carss to elevate the Frontline brand and the profile of every single property listing, from multi-phase projects to leases, through relevant and thoughtful storytelling, customer experiences, and creative visuals.

Since joining Frontline Real Estate Services in 2013, Ande has been instrumental in cementing Frontline Real Estate Services’ brand and reputation in the ever-increasingly competitive commercial real estate industry. During Ande’s tenure leading Frontline’s marketing department as Marketing Director, Frontline’s sales volume increased 300% and the brokerage experienced an undeniable boost in brand recognition. Ande’s insatiable curiosity, resourceful nature, and undeniable work ethic have made her an indispensable asset to Frontline for nearly a decade.

As Creative Director, Ande combines her passion for design, communication, and marketing. Her work ethos is tied to her passion for storytelling and her belief that design and marketing can solve problems and empower people to make informed decisions. She subscribes to the power of storytelling to create marketing that builds relationships and “shows instead of tells” the story of Frontline, bridging the gap between Frontline’s business objectives and creative strategy.

These ideologies are enriched by Ande’s broad range of work experience in design, marketing, project management, content creation, and communication across a variety of industries ranging from real estate to publishing to fine arts. Ande holds a Bachelor of Communication Design from Emily Carr University and has completed an ever-growing list of marketing and creative certificates, workshops, and training courses including those facilitated by the Canadian Marketing Association, the American Marketing Association, and Adobe.