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Danielle Reed

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Partner & CEO of Breakside Real Estate Group

Danielle Reed (Personal Real Estate Corporation) is a Partner in Frontline Real Estate Services and the CEO of Breakside Real Estate Group, the residential sales and project marketing sister-company of Frontline Real Estate Services.

With over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate, Danielle’s passion for real estate and her innate ability to execute marketing and sales strategies have made her essential to the success of award-winning communities across the Fraser Valley.

Danielle launched the residential project marketing division of Frontline in 2011. During her time licensed with Frontline, her and her colleagues marketed and sold over $1 billion in new homes in the Fraser Valley on behalf of industry leading residential developers and home builders.

In early 2020, Danielle founded Breakside Real Estate Group to carry on this tradition of exceptional service and impeccable execution. Breakside offers an optimally structured platform and selection of services that best cater to the needs of homebuilders and developers. The long-standing strategic relationship between the experts at Frontline and Breakside continues to offer synergies for our mutual clients while we strive to achieve similar goals in this market. You can learn more about Breakside Real Estate Group at breakside.ca.