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Eloise Carolan

Client Service Coordinator, Office & Retail

Eloise Carolan is the Client Service Coordinator for the office and retail division at Frontline Real Estate Services, working closely with George Richmond, and Rebecca MacLeod. She plays a vital role in delivering excellent service to clients, through her personable and proactive approach, as well as ensure efficient systems and workflows, through her exceptional communication and organizational skills.

Eloise supports her team with the preparation of offers, proper and timely coordination of documents, and a variety of projects. Her detail-oriented nature and high standards ensure all background processes run smoothly, helping the brokers to focus their expertise on providing market intelligence in addition to excellent client service.

Eloise graduated with distinction in 2021 and now holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia University. Prior to joining Frontline, Eloise worked in a management position for a nationally franchised quick-service coffee shop. She is currently enrolled in the Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course at the University of British Columbia.

Eloise’s strong attention to detail and personable nature combined with her background in customer service make her an asset to Frontline and an imperative member of the office and retail division.