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Gabriela Patricio

Marketing Coordinator,Frontline Real Estate Services

Gabriela Patricio is the Marketing Coordinator at Frontline Real Estate Services, who brings a wealth of knowledge in both marketing and advertising. Working closely with the Marketing and Branding Director, Artemisa, leveraging their expertise to craft comprehensive and effective marketing strategies. Together they focus on crafting distinctive marketing tactics, specifically designed for each of our divisions and the properties listed by them.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from ESPM in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she is a proficient problem-solver who stays abreast of the latest market trends – always providing a fresh perspective on the commercial real estate industry.

With her diverse skillset and extensive background of customer experience and consumer sentiment at the cosmetics multinational group Natura&Co, Gabriela crafts distinctive marketing tactics designed to enhance customer experience and nurture relationships with customers on social platforms.

Gabriela’s collaborative spirit, strong communication and creative skills, as well as attention to detail make her an asset to Frontline and the marketing division.