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Jade Benitez

Conveyance & Accounting Manager,Frontline Real Estate Services

Jade Benitez is the Conveyancer and Accounting Manager for Frontline Real Estate Services. Throughout the transaction process, she works closely with Frontline’s agents and staff as well as lawyers, notaries, and outside brokerages, to assure all communications are timely, clear, and compliant with industry regulations. Jade also manages the accounting department, providing all sectors and management with insight that allows them to make strategic business decisions. In both these capacities, Jade creates and streamlines operations to assure the company is operating efficiently and effectively.

Jade is also Frontline’s FINTRAC compliance and support officer, implementing a detailed compliance program and training system. Jade provides FINTRAC support to agents, staff, and the public for any questions surrounding their obligations.

Jade holds a BA in Psychology with a Minor in Business and has been successful in applying her education to the real estate world for over 6 years, starting at a large residential brokerage. Jade’s passion for continuous learning and in-depth interest in real estate and contract law combined with her detail-oriented and perceptive nature make her an undeniable asset to Frontline.