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Sana Kamran

Junior Conveyancer & Receptionist,Frontline Real Estate Services

Sana Kamran is the Junior Conveyancer and Receptionist at Frontline Real Estate Services. She works closely with Jade Reynolds to process real estate transactions correctly and efficiently while maintaining and auditing Frontline’s conveyance and contact management systems. Sana’s detail-oriented and organized nature helps assure all transactions are tracked correctly, enabling our agents to focus on their clients’ needs.

In addition to her conveyancing responsibilities, Sana provides administrative support to all divisions at Frontline, while ensuring an excellent in-house client and staff experience. Her personable demeanour and strong work ethic make her an incredible asset to Frontline.

Prior to joining Frontline, Sana was a university lecturer in Pakistan where she employed her master’s degree to teach biotechnology & microbiology. In addition to teaching, she held leadership roles overseeing the activities of students and fellow faculty, including internships, exams, and attendance. Her roles saw her take on several administrative responsibilities, where she excelled at meticulously maintaining records and organizing events.

In addition to her achievements in the field of science, Sana speaks 4 languages: English, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. Sana recently moved to Surrey and has enjoyed exploring the natural beauty of British Columbia. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and travelling to learn about different cultures.