Council Meeting News: City of Surrey (March 11, 2024)

Here is the latest council news from the City of Surrey! Below you will find a summary of the residential development projects covered at the March 11th City of Surrey Public Hearing.


18742 and 18758 – 72 Avenue

Applicant: Square Nine Clayton Development Ltd. (Director Information: M. Sharma)

Application No.: 7923-0115-00

Location/NCP: West Clayton

Associated Project Summary: One 6-storey mixed-use building and one 6-storey residential apartment building

Application Summary: The applicant is proposing a 6-storey mixed use building and a 6-storey residential apartment building containing all together 1,389 square metres of ground floor commercial space and 213 dwelling units. The residential unit typology will include studio (1 unit), one-bedroom (113 units), two-bedroom (89 units), and three-bedroom (10 units), and will range in size from 44 square metres to 89 square metres.

Outcome: Third Reading

Name In Favour Opposed No Vote Indicated*
Mayor Brenda Locke X
Councillor Doug Elford X  
Councillor Pardeep Kooner X    
Councillor Harry Bains X
Councillor Rob Stutt X  
Councillor Gordon Hepner X    
Councillor Linda Annis X    
Councillor Mike Bose X    
Councillor Mandeep Nagra X

*Column includes votes of those who did not actively participate when the vote was called. Learn more at the bottom of this post.

Would you like to learn more about the items covered at this Surrey Council Meeting? Agendas, meeting minutes, and videos can be found on the City’s website HERE, or give us a shout to discuss.

Note: Each member present at a meeting must vote on the matter being decided. If a council or board member does not indicate how they vote, they are deemed to have voted in the affirmative. In other words, they cannot abstain from voting, unless they may not participate because of a conflict of interest and have followed the procedure for dealing with various types of prohibited conflicts of interest under the Community Charter. Source: Government of BC’s local government council and board procedures.

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