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The “across the bridge” real estate brokerage. Learn how we’ve earned a name for ourselves in the commercial and new residential real estate spaces across the Fraser Valley and Suburban Metro Vancouver. Read our story, give us a call, let’s sit down for a coffee and get to know one another.

Our Story

Commercial Real Estate

We understand the DNA of a great opportunity.

We specialize in finding the very best real estate opportunities in the Fraser Valley and Suburban Metro Vancouver. Our experts will give you informed options plus the education and guidance required to make the best decision.
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Projects Marketing

Project marketing & sales expertise that elevates your project.

Project marketing is not just about getting lineups around the block. It’s about building the right product, in the right place. It’s about attracting the right buyer, at the right time. We do it all with local expertise, proven strategy, bold design and on point delivery.

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FRONTLINE real estate services

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Industry Insights


We sift through the data, read the reports and attend those events – so you don’t have to. Providing thought leadership and market insights that will give you, our community, the edge.

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