Lower Mainland Municipal Election Results 2022

Below is a summary of the 2022 election results for municipalities across the Lower Mainland.

Voters in BC headed to the polls on October 15, 2022. Below, we have summarized the election results for mayors and council members with links for further details, including school and park board election results. Municipalities are listed in alphabetical order and include Abbotsford, Anmore, Burnaby, Delta, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Langley City, Maple Ridge, Mission, New Westminster, North Vancouver (District), North Vancouver (City), Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Township of Langley, Vancouver, West Vancouver, and White Rock. All councillors are listed in alphabetical order or in the order they appear on the official municipal website.

Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Langley City, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, and Township of Langley include additional details. We have noted if the mayors and councillors are newly elected or returning. For all other municipalities, we have only stated this for the mayor. It is worth noting that many new mayors have held council positions in the past.


  • Mayor: Ross Siemens (new)
  • Councillor Les Barkman (returning)
  • Councillor Kelly Chahal (returning)
  • Councillor Patricia Driessen (new)
  • Councillor Simon Gibson (new)
  • Councillor Dave Loewen (returning)
  • Councillor Patricia Ross (returning)
  • Councillor Dave Sidhu (returning)
  • Councillor Mark Warkentin (new)

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  • Mayor: John McEwen (incumbant)
  • Councillor Polly Krier
  • Councillor Doug Richardson
  • Councillor Kim Trowbridge
  • Councillor Paul Weverink

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  • Mayor: Mike Hurley (incumbent, ran unchallenged)
  • Councillor Pietro Calendino
  • Councillor Sav Dhaliwal
  • Councillor Alison Gu
  • Councillor Joe Keithley
  • Councillor Richard T. Lee
  • Councillor Maita Santiago
  • Councillor Daniel Tetrault
  • Councillor James Wang

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  • Mayor: George V. Harvie (incumbent)
  • Councillor Rod Binder
  • Councillor Daniel Boisvert
  • Councillor Jessie Dosanjh
  • Councillor Alicia Guichon
  • Councillor Jennifer Johal
  • Councillor Dylan Kruger

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  • Mayor: Ken Popove (incumbent)
  • Councillor Chris Kloot
  • Councillor Jason Lum
  • Councillor Bud Mercer
  • Councillor Nicole Read
  • Councillor Jeff Shields
  • Councillor Harv Westeringh

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  • Mayor: Richard Stewart (incumbent)
  • Councillor Brent Asmundson (returning)
  • Councillor Matt Djonlic (new)
  • Councillor Craig Hodge (returning)
  • Councillor Steve Kim (returning)
  • Councillor Trish Mandewo (returning)
  • Councillor Dennis Marsden (returning)
  • Councillor Robert Mazzarolo (new)
  • Councillor Teri Towner (returning)

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Langley City

  • Mayor: Nathan Pachal (new)
  • Councillor Paul Albrecht (returning)
  • Councillor Teri James (returning)
  • Councillor Delaney Mack (new)
  • Councillor Mike Solyom (new)
  • Councillor Leith White (new)
  • Councillor Rosemary Wallace (returning)

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Maple Ridge

  • Mayor: Dan Ruimy (new)
  • Councillor Korleen Carreras
  • Councillor Sunny Schiller
  • Councillor Onyeka Dozie
  • Councillor Jenny Tan
  • Councillor Judy Dueck
  • Councillor Ahmed Yousef


  • Mayor: Paul Horn (incumbent, mayor since May 2021)
  • Councillor Mark Davies
  • Councillor Angel Elias
  • Councillor Jag Gill
  • Councillor Carol Hamilton
  • Councillor Ken Herar
  • Councillor Danny Plecas

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New Westminster

  • Mayor: Patrick Johnstone (incumbent)
  • Councillor Ruby Campbell
  • Councillor Daniel Fontaine
  • Councillor Tasha Henderson
  • Councillor Jaimie McEvoy
  • Councillor Paul Minhas
  • Councillor Nadine Nakagawa

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North Vancouver (City)

  • Mayor Linda Buchanan (incumbent)
  • Councillor Holly Back
  • Councillor Don Bell
  • Councillor Angela Girard
  • Councillor Jessica McIlroy
  • Councillor Shervin Shahriari
  • Councillor Tony Valente

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North Vancouver (District)

  • Mayor Mike Little (incumbent)
  • Councillor Catherine Pope
  • Councillor Jordan Back
  • Councillor Betty Forbes
  • Councillor Lisa Muri
  • Councillor Jim Hanson
  • Councillor Herman Mah

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Pitt Meadows

  • Mayor: Nicole MacDonald (incumbent, ran unchallenged)
  • Councillor Tracy Elke
  • Councillor Alison Evans
  • Councillor Mike Hayes
  • Councillor Mike Manion
  • Councillor Bob Meachen
  • Councillor Gwen O’Connell

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Port Coquitlam

  • Mayor: Brad West (incumbent, ran unchallenged)
  • Councillor Steve Darling (returning)
  • Councillor Paige Petriw (new)
  • Councillor Nancy McCurrach (returning)
  • Councillor Darrell Penner (returning)
  • Councillor Glenn Pollock (returning)
  • Councillor Dean Washington (returning)

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Port Moody

  • Mayor: Meghan Lahti (new)
  • Councillor Samantha Agtarap
  • Councillor Diana Dilworth
  • Councillor Kyla Knowles
  • Councillor Amy Lubik
  • Councillor Haven Lurbiecki
  • Councillor Callan Morrison

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  • Mayor: Malcolm Brodie (incumbent)
  • Councillor Bill McNulty
  • Councillor Harold Steves
  • Councillor Chak Kwong Au
  • Councillor Linda McPhail
  • Councillor Carol Day
  • Councillor Alexa Loo
  • Councillor Michael Wolfe
  • Councillor Andy Hobbs
  • Councillor Laura Gillanders

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  • Mayor: Brenda Locke (new)
  • Councillor Doug Elford (returning)
  • Councillor Gordon Hepner (new)
  • Councillor Harry Bains (new)
  • Councillor Linda Annis (returning)
  • Councillor Mandeep Nagra (returning)
  • Councillor Mike Bose (new)
  • Councillor Pardeep Kooner (new)
  • Councillor Rob Stutt (new)

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Township of Langley

  • Mayor: Eric Woodward (new)
  • Councillor Tim Baillie (new)
  • Councillor Steve Ferguson (returning)
  • Councillor Margaret Kunst (returning)
  • Councillor Barb Martens (new)
  • Councillor Michael Pratt (returning)
  • Councillor Kim Richter (returning)
  • Councillor Rob Rindt (new)
  • Councillor Misty vanPopta (new)

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  • Mayor: Ken Sim (new)
  • Councillor Rebecca Bligh
  • Councillor Christine Boyle
  • Councillor Adriane Carr
  • Councillor Lisa Dominato
  • Councillor Pete Fry
  • Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung
  • Councillor Mike Klassen
  • Councillor Peter Meiszner
  • Councillor Brian Montague
  • Councillor Lenny Zhou

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West Vancouver

  • Mayor: Mark Sager (incumbant)
  • Councillor Christine Cassidy
  • Councillor Nora Gambioli
  • Councillor Peter Lambur
  • Councillor Scott Snider
  • Councillor Sharon Thompson
  • Councillor Linda Watt

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White Rock

  • Mayor: Megan Knight (new)
  • Councillor David Chesney
  • Councillor Elaine Cheung
  • Councillor Ernie Klassen
  • Councillor Bill Lawrence
  • Councillor Michele Partridge
  • Councillor Christopher Trevelyan

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