More Progress on Williams Neighbourhood Plan

On June 14th, The Township of Langley hosted another open house to provide an update on their progress with the Williams Neighbourhood Plan. At the previous open house in April the Township presented the 3 rough land use concept diagrams resulting from their Neighbourhood Design Workshop. The feedback from that open house was compiled, reviewed and considered by the design team as they narrowed the three concept diagrams into two land use concept options.

Both concepts contain greenways around the borders, maintain the employment lands in the north, and use multi-family and a greenway as a buffer between north east Yorkson and the employment lands. They both also include a school/park site on the lower west quadrant. There are, however, a number of significant differences between the concepts.

Concept A – “Views & Neighbourhood Nodes” focused on:

  • A varied residential land use focused on ground-oriented product and “age-friendly choices”
  • Increased north-south movement
  • A neighbourhood commercial node at 80th Avenue and what will likely be 214 Street
  • A road network that conforms to the sloping topography of the neighbourhood
Concept A – “Views & Neighbourhood Nodes”, The Township of Langley,
Concept A – “Views & Neighbourhood Nodes”, The Township of Langley,

Concept B – “Greenways and Grid” focused on:

  • A uniform residential land use over a majority of the plan area
  • A grid pattern of roads
  • Primarily an east-west flow of traffic
  • A highway commercial node on 216 for travellers on Hwy #1
Concept B – “Greenways and Grid”, The Township of Langley,
Concept B – “Greenways and Grid”, The Township of Langley,

The Employment Lands

The specific land use and allowable zonings for the employment lands in the northern portion of the plan have yet to be determined but the guidance provided at the open house by the Township planning staff and planning consultants was that the area closer to 80th Avenue will be focused on smaller parcels and lower impact uses such as offices or smaller light industrial users. Higher impact users will be allowed on larger parcels along Highway 1.

Next Steps

Following this open house the planners and consultants will be aiming to design one land use concept, taking into consideration the community feedback from this open house and the likes and dislikes of each of the two concepts. According to the Township of Langley planning staff and consultants, an open house in Fall 2016 will showcase the single land use concept and provide the community with another chance to share feedback prior to the planning stuff submitting their application to Council.

The ultimate goal is to have the Williams Neighbourhood Plan complete prior to the completion of the new 2016 interchange, which is scheduled to be finished in 2019.

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