Fleetwood Plan Moves Forward as Surrey Council Approves Stage 1

On March 7, 2022, Surrey City Council approved the Fleetwood Stage 1 Plan; this is an important mark in the development of the plan. The plan update was prompted by the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain line as the city plans to re-build new infrastructure in place of old, encourage increased density near stations, and proceed with a number of other upgrades for Fleetwood’s residents and businesses.

Artist rendering of a future street scape as envision in the Fleetwood Plan. A park in the foreground is flanked by tree-lined streets. Mixed-use buildings with heights of approximately 2 to 12 storeys are behind the park. Many have green roofs.

The plan provides a new vision for Fleetwood as it focuses on opportunities to integrate new housing, employment space, and amenities in the town centre and along Fraser Highway, which includes a high street along 160 Street and an employment district around the 166 Street station. The main objective for the plan is to support development while maximizing the benefits of the region’s new rapid transit connection’s positive effects on the local community.

There will be additional opportunities for public input during the second stage of development for the Fleetwood Plan as the process of reviewing utilities, infrastructure, financing, urban design, and supportive policies continues. This next (and final) stage of the planning process is expected to be ready for public review in 2023.

The Fleetwood plan and an interactive version of the land use map (seen below) can be found on the City of Surrey’s website: https://fleetwoodplan.surrey.ca/get-involved

About the Vision for Fleetwood

Fleetwood is rich in history, home to local businesses and friendly neighbourhoods. The community is growing and changing, with new developments that are bringing more people and investment into the area. The Fleetwood Plan will guide this growth in a way that makes the most of opportunities and meets the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors. The vision for the future of Fleetwood, as stated by the City of Surrey in their guiding Stage 1 Summary document, is “Fleetwood is an inviting community, home to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. It is known for its arts scene, history, distinctive parks, natural areas, and exceptional community facilities. Fleetwood is celebrated for its distinctive urban village character, thriving local businesses, and livable and accessible neighbourhoods.”


Top Amenities Envisioned for the Future of Fleetwood

  1. Outdoor amenities for building social connections and promoting relaxation (park shelters, benches, community gardens, open grass spaces, medication space)
  2. New outdoor sports and recreation space (sports fields, multi-sport courts, exercise space, accessible playgrounds)
  3. More natural areas and opportunities to explore nature
  4. Urban plazas and celebration spaces (amphitheatre, public plaza)
  5. Playgrounds and natural play features


Fleetwood Planning Timeline

  • 2019 – Stage 1 of the planning process, getting started, exploring options, and developing the plan. The City of Surrey began the process of developing a comprehensive community plan for Fleetwood. This plan supports the extension of the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain and guides growth in Fleetwood for the next 30+ years. The plan’s key features developed during this stage include the community’s preferred approach to focus on growth along Fraser Highway and around the future SkyTrain stations. The draft included parks and public spaces covering about 20% of the plan area and an integrated network of pathways and cycle tracks to make it easier for residents to get around.
  • 2020 – City of Surrey staff gathered vision statements from community and stakeholder feedback. During this time, the workshop participants helped identify the ‘Heart of Fleetwood’ and growth options were explored and identified. Community participants also helped identify the development priorities for the 152nd Street Node.
  • 2021 – Participants helped prioritize the Fleetwood Community Values and evaluated how they were reflected in the Draft Plan. Staff re-evaluated the Draft Plan based on this feedback and compiled a list of outstanding issues to address in Stage 2 of the planning process.
  • March 7, 2022 – Stage 1 of the Fleetwood Plan was adopted by City Council.


Fleetwood Plan Community Engagement

Over the past three years, there have been many opportunities for residents and stakeholders to provide input and feedback on the Plan. In total, over 27,300 residents and stakeholders have participated by attending workshops, open houses, stakeholder meetings or by completing online surveys. The result is an updated plan that reflects direct residents’ involvement. The information below summarizes stakeholder input and staff takeaways through the Stage 1 engagement process.

During stage 1 planning, the community engagement objectives were:

  • Raise awareness about the planning process
  • Understand key resident priorities for accommodating growth in the area
  • Identify residents’ favourite places in Fleetwood
  • Identify where residents think the ‘heart of Fleetwood’ is
  • Establish the vision and objectives for the plan
  • Understand what the residents value most about the neighbourhood
  • Explore how to develop some parts of Fleetwood, such as 152 Street.
  • Understand the outstanding concerns and issues to be resolved in the Stage 2 planning process.
  • Educate on the next steps and opportunities for further input/changes

Key elements that residents prioritized:

  • Safe – public spaces and streets that are safe for everyone
  • Green – ecosystems that are integrated with the neighbourhood
  • Beautiful – urban design of buildings and public spaces
  • Healthy – supports active lifestyles and human health
  • Connected – reduced dependence on automobiles with safe, convenient alternative transportation options for all ages and abilities.
  • Complete – Diversified local shops and services, employment opportunities, cultural spaces and housing stock.
  • Inclusive – a mix of housing options and community services to meet the needs of a wide range of incomes, ages, ethnicities, and family structures.
  • Compact – More places to live, work and play in compact, walkable nodes well served by public transit.
  • Climate Resilient – community-wide preparedness for the effects of climate change and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

To learn more about the vision for Fleetwood, click this link


Wondering what Fleetwood will look like in the future, as the Skytrain is built along Fraser Highway and Fleetwood’s population grows? How will we move around in Fleetwood? How might businesses and communities grow while keeping what makes Fleetwood unique? Join the conversation and attend upcoming events to help shape the future of Fleetwood.

Sources: City of Surrey

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